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Large and small cities.-------.-CLICK ON SMALL PICTURES FOR INFORMATION

aee4eea0-9d55-11e8-81dd-4f817f387a42.JPG100_2882.JPG100_2876.JPG90_img20180508_22140452.jpg90_img20180508_22161859.jpg90_img20180508_22182455.jpg90_img20180508_21455591.jpg90_img20180508_21411412.jpgimg20170216_22062237.jpg100_2859.JPG100_2860.JPG100_2862.JPG100_2868.JPG100_2878.JPG100_2886.JPG100_2888.JPG100_2892z.jpg100_2903.JPG100_2911.JPG100_2923.JPG100_2922.JPG100_2925.JPG100_2929.JPG100_2931.JPG100_2935.JPG SAINT PETERSBURG is a place i always wanted to visit,but because of history and world events i never did till 2010.--One thing that put me off was the Visa application, but i found it easy online, many questions but worth the effort. A hotel has to be booked in advance or an invite.----I prefer to travel by train , bus or ferry. My route staying overnight and sightseeing on the way was Cologne, to Malmo, ferry from Stockholm to Helsinki, then train from Helsinki to St. Petersburg. --I travelled 1st class to St. Petersburg in a six person compartment,just five of us.the other four had booked last minute because of the volcano erupution in Iceland their plane was grounded. The Russian border guards checked my entry visa on board and gave me my exit visa.----- I stayed in St. Petersburg at the Ibis Hotel in Libovsskly Prospect a main road that crosses Nevskly Prospect, at Moskovskly rail station. I had arrived at Findlanskly station. I took the Metro to near my hotel.--- The Metro is fast and regular , a disk is purchased at ticket office to open the gate for entry to metro. I was then free to travel anywhere on the metro system. The Metro architechure is marvellous worth the trip alone. The metro architechure is chandeliers, marble columns,mosaics, murals etc. A tip is study the Metro map ,sometimes the connecting station has a different name.---Bank notes must be clean and not written on.---- Cash desk payments,i found at some stores the payment was made and receipt then given to another assistant for the goods.---Russian beer is sold on draft and in cans. In 2010 draft was 180 rur and in supermarkets can were 35 rur.---------------Rostral Columns is a place where newly wed couples take photos as a tradition.-- The Hermitage museum is a must and was marvellous, the outside great and the inside double great. There is a entrance fee and Clockroom for coats and luggage,also extra charge for photo permit.---Catherine the Great started the collection, the gallery was first opened to the public in 1852. The Hermitage is five linked buildings along the riverside. in 360 rooms. While in Palace Square i came across a practice for the Anniversary for the end of world war 1.---I went on an enjoyable boat trip on the canals. and River Neva.---I was in St. Petersburg 4 days and my days were full of things to do,including a visit to the cathedral of Spilled Blood.andPeter and Paul Fortress.====CLICK ON PHOTOS FOR INFORMATION================================================================================================================I moved on from St Petersburg, independantly by local train to VYBORG. Vyborg is a town in Vyborgsky district Russia 130 km northwest of St.Petersburg and 38 km from the border with Finland. The train journey from St. Petersburg to Vvborg takes less than 2 hours. The town has changed hands many times in history,most recently in 1944 to the Soviet Union during world war 2. ----I arrived in Vyborg, with no hotel booking. To the left of the rail station was a new looking hotel, in russian the name was BNKNHT in english VIKING, the price was 190 rur in 2010, for single. The hotel reception did the Russian registeration, there was a security man on duty. There was a bar and resturant. -- ----At the rail station is a bus service to the castle.To me Vyborg was the Real Russia ,with the feel of a small town. In the centre was the Round Tower,built 1550 in the main square, Vyburg Castle was built in1293 by a Swedish crusader,the Clock Tower is from a former Cathedral. Valadimir Lenin lived in Vyborg in 1917.------------From Vyborg rail station there are 3 trains to Helsinki, 2 to St.Petersburg and 1 to Moscow.,also the local Elekrichka train to St.Petersburg. A couple of buses go to Helsinki.--My train ticket was booked from Vyborg to Helsinki,on board the Russian border guards do a check giving them my exit visa.---- The currency in Russia is the Ruble. ---- I had enjoyed my holiday in St. Petersburg and Vyborg.100_2857.JPG085f7620-4ed3-11e8-a768-0f1a78df484d.JPG100_2938.JPG[img=https://photos.travellerspoint.com/935071/100_2885.JPG thumb=https://photos.travellerspoint.com/935071/thumb_100_2885.JPG=--CLICK ON SMALL PHOTOS FOR INFORMATION,

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